Hello! And welcome! This is my second pass at maintaining a blog. The first was decidedly political. However, over time I became convinced that our political problems were only symptomatic of our spiritual problems. We in the United States had(!) a representative form of government, and it faithfully did represent us (as sobering as that is). So I decided to take an approach that pointed to the solution: Jesus. He is the answer. You will find much of my subject matter concerns the Character and Nature of God. Unbeknownst to many, we are called by Him to be like Him. In the sidebar there is a link to a page titled I Am. There you will find links to nearly a years worth of posts about who we are called to be in Christ. That is, what our character and nature become if we are walking in Him. The style of most of that reflects a two-way conversation because it came out of my journal, which consists of my dedicated time with God with pen in hand. I am just offering you the chance to eavesdrop on the conversation in the hope you will find something helpful for your life.


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