I AM …

Cross Stitch by Rhonda Lisauckis

The positive on display.


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Awestruck son of the Sovereign of the universe, from whom all rights and responsibilities of men derive.

7 thoughts on “I AM …”

      1. I know the cross stitch doesn’t cover them all, especially in some of the Hebrew permutations. Think of Jehovah Shamah, God who is here; Jehovah Shalom, God our peace; Jehovah Tsid’Kenu, God our Righteousness; Jehovah M’Kaddesh, God our Sanctification; Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider; Jehovah Nissi, God our Banner; Jehovah Rohe, God our Shepherd, and Jehovah Rapha, God our healer! He is always faithful to live up to His names that He has given us!

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