Liberty and Belief

I want to introduce you to a blogger that I have been following for some time. The link below is to a worthy read. You may have noted a steadily growing list of companies getting on board with the government’s emphatic desire to see everyone “vaccinated” and making getting the shot a condition of employment. I am one who believes God is my healer. I am pragmatic enough to understand that hedging my bets with another belief that does not depend upon Him is (at least for me) an expression of unbelief which works against my seeing that healing – already purchased by Jesus – manifest in my life. I know this may turn some of my limited audience off. But, I think it is important to think this trough from the spiritual perspective. Liberty stands squarely on that very foundation. I ask you to consider well. As things foretold draw nearer, we are going to need all the liberty we can maintain.


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Awestruck son of the Sovereign of the universe, from whom all rights and responsibilities of men derive.

4 thoughts on “Liberty and Belief”

  1. While I do not fully agree with the comparison of vaccines to Jewish stars/armbands (one cannot ‘catch’ being Jewish), the point is well presented that this whole scenario is preparatory for compliance with a “Mark” that will allow you to do business.
    Now all we need is a digital currency … oh, that’s right, China is introducing a digital yuan for global use.
    Well, then, you will still need is an event to prompt people into thinking we NEED a savior… oh, 2+ billion people disappear with the rapture.
    Then, you need someone to rebuild the Temple… oh, groups already have all the implements and even the cut stones stored, so the Temple could be rebuilt in months, not years. Hmmm.
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come! Hallelujah! 🙏😊

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    1. Yep, I don’t gloss over that “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” section of Jesus’ expository on prayer. We already have way too much of man’s effort going downhill fast.

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