Well, Well.

Back in the land of pseudointernet (service is 1502 kbps down/382 kbps up, woo-hoo!) after more than a week. The ADSL modem went belly up. Windstream doesn’t have a “store” in our state. They first shipped a Wi-Fi extender by warehouse mistake. Today an actual modem appeared via FedEx and well, here we are!


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Awestruck son of the Sovereign of the universe, from whom all rights and responsibilities of men derive.

6 thoughts on “Well, Well.”

    1. I was told I could text to my beloveds down here when I get there. You know Steve, tell them what it’s like. How nice the angels are …..

      They told me it was scientifically sorted. Just believe Don they said….


    2. Steve, you have cause to rejoice. I see you live in Cincinnati but you also are bound for heaven. You can join me in texting your beloveds left behind. Isn’t that nice? If you get there before me let me know what it’s like.

      The Heaven/Earth connection’s been sorted I’m told.

      We just need to believe……..


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