Post Potatoectomy

Post Potatoectomy

The patch was deep turned with a spading fork during harvest. It took a lot of passes with the tiller to return the resulting clods of Iowa clay loam to a friable condition. It took good nights rest to return me to normal.


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7 thoughts on “Post Potatoectomy”

  1. Anita and I LOVE Iowa City! Both of us graduated from UI, me in ‘88, her in ‘89!
    The last time we went through, Coralville had certainly changed since those days, as well as the downtown.

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    1. I worked in Cedar Rapids for 9 years. We are down in Mahaska county now. Incidentally, I graduated from Texas Tech in ’89. But probably unlike you and Anita, I was 35 at the time of graduation.

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      1. Well, UI was my second BS degree after several years realizing my first would not change the world. Anita was going back to get her PhD after working in banking in Hong Kong for a few years, so we were “advancing” in years more than most of our fellow students. Oskaloosa and Pella are nice.

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  2. Looking good! I wish I could grow potatoes better here. Texas isn’t favorable to them. They will always get potato bugs or Colorado potato blight before they reach good size. We have to stick to Red Lasota or Texas Gold potatoes. Keep up the good work!

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