Are We…

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

The story of the arrival of Covid the Cat. He was starving when he came in June of 2020. This morning he weighed in at 12.0#

Late this summer, Vander (below) showed up in the barn. We are nearly sure he is a sibling of Covid due the the apparent age and the similarity of facial markings and exactly matching colors. We don’t know if he had been fending for himself all this time, or was recently put out. He was pretty skinny. This morning, I weighed him at 12.6#.


You can’t tell in this right-side picture, but Vander has some tan tabby splotches on his back.


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5 thoughts on “Are We…”

  1. We got a cat a few years ago that was the strangest cat I’d ever seen. He was skinny, had legs too long for his body, and fur that was like wire. It turns out he was extremely malnourished, The previous owner kept him outside and hardly ever fed him so he was left to fend for himself. Since he’s been here he’s gotten fat, happy, and a good looking gentleman.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Covid and Vander. We don’t really know where they came from. I had a neighbor who died a year ago who had four outdoor strays that he was feeding. My wife had trapped them and gotten them neutered the year before. When our neighbor died, my wife managed to catch them again. Bob, Maggie, Punkin’ and Licorice are now living in our 18′ x 24′ exercise room. They are quite a bit more socialized than they were in the beginning.


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