Potatoes 2022

Today is the 25th of September. It was a lovely day with the afternoon in the mid seventies. A stiff breeze was making a rustling noise in the fields of drying Iowa corn. I decided to dig my red-skinned potatoes. The vines had given their last hurrah mid month.

Some had asked me about storage through the winter. I have knocked together a rack (on casters) in the basement that uses large restaurant bus tubs for shelves.

I have found potatoes keep better if one doesn’t wash them before storage. I just rub off the excess soil when I dig them. I Sort them for size and (some for condition). I throw a mover’s blanket over the rack to minimize light. I have the rack in a basement room where the lights can be kept off most of the time. There is a small east-facing window, but we keep a heavy drape over it.

Lest you think they all look like they came from the supermarket in a bag…

Small Potatoes

The box contains small potatoes that will probably go in stews or the crock pot without being peeled. The dozen or so in the foreground were damaged by marauding thirteen-line ground squirrels. They will probably be used first as mashed potatoes after paring away the damage.

Photo by Skyler Ewing on Pexels.com

Think he looks innocent? Think again!


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5 thoughts on “Potatoes 2022”

  1. I had no idea one could keep potatoes for so long! Great advice which I plan to use next time we buy a bag from the grocers, but I do not expect to grow my own; too much work “hilling” for the cost of just purchasing. Saving the garden space for more greenery and herbs.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


  2. I wish Jesus while on earth had told us a parable using potatoes and/or marauding squirrels. Maybe he would have brushed off the dug-in dirt from a potato and said, What good is brushing the dirt off the outside if the inside’s as rotten as white-washed tombs? Nah. He wouldn’t mix metaphors. He’s too good a storyteller for that. 🙂
    ~ Dora

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