Near the two-lane’s center stripe, I saw him;
His lifelong mate, lifeless, lay nearby.
Staid stood he, at my coming;
Her recently-stilled breast faced the sky.
Still, save for feathers slightly ruffled;
By the breeze, enveloping a sigh.
His grim mourning filled the spirit realm;
Deeply felt, while carefully, I crept by.

His eyes, a window to bereavement;
Her color, mottled gray, except the chest,
Added cream, perhaps would best describe.
All with dismal loss, will sometime wrest.
The enemy comes not, but for killing;
Delighting if his appearing takes the best.
Late return, I found her mate still standing,
The evening would bring his heart no rest.

Dove photo by Tina Nord, https://www.pexels.com

Dove Update 5/14/2021

Went to town and back 24 hours later than yesterday.
Both going and coming home again, there was a lone dove
standing in the same location on the center line of the road.

Can I swear it is the same one? No. I saw others on the trip.
No others on that exact spot, though. The female is gone,
due to some scavenger, I suspect. There are many of those.

There and Back Again

My footfalls in the unlighted hall,
Reverberate from an unseen wall;
Whether from length or maybe breadth,
For now they linger, evading death;
Brought on by darkened things unknown,
That swallow them ‘till they have gone.

It’s good, I think, that they die down,
Lest when the next one comes around;
It find no time to call its own,
Or chance to sound its sharpest tone,
Be muddled by the one before
And indistinct come its report.


Early morning dew at rest
On every sparkling blade;
First light gloriously attests
To jewels God has made.

Given eyes to marvel at
How His majestic hand
Puts wings upon the tiny gnat
And counts the ocean’s sand.

Look above if after dark
And tell me what you see.
Theorize a pair of quarks
Yes, wonder if they be.

He made us to appreciate
These things that we have found
To know that He exceeds the great
and His mercies do abound.