Of Such is / Belongs to Such …

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. [KJV]


But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” [NASB]


Good morning Father!


Good morning Jon!



I was comparing these translations to the Greek concordance on the Bible Hub web site. It seems to me, after doing that, that neither captures the full intent of Jesus’ words.



It is a little like efforts to mentor one who is still a long way from “full” understanding. He may get some of his teacher’s points – which will help him grasp more later – but not really see the whole picture. On the earth, for now, the kingdom of heaven is found in the hearts of those who come to Jesus with eager hearts. The KJV captures this idea. Does the kingdom of heaven “belong” to such? In the sense that they are citizens of the kingdom by choice. Because the kingdom “is” of such ones, there is just as much a shade of meaning that the ones who come to Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit “belong” to the kingdom.



Thank You Father! I love You!



You are welcome Jon! I love you!


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2 thoughts on “Of Such is / Belongs to Such …”

  1. This also seems at first, and for the same reason perhaps as the Holy Spirit revealed in your dialogue with him, a paradox – coming to Christ as a child, “…for such is the Kingdom of God, and Paul’s admonition that the church needs to grow from a body only able to drink “milk” to being able to handle “meat”. It in fact is not paradox but the pro excess of progress in the seeking believers life – sanctification. Each step of growth is from an individual encounter with God through His Word, taught be the Holy Spirit. These encounters are unique to our individual need an ability to comprehend and prove in our heart and mind that the Word of God is living and active…” – it never grows old or stale, but sweeter than honey to our soul!

    Thank you for sharing your private unique encounters! It is very encouraging and unifying to hear others conversations with our living God!

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  2. K.B.,
    I am glad these posts are of some encouragement! I labored long over the decision whether to publicize these intimate conversations. It is encouraging to me as well, when I see the Living Word expanding on what I have been able to hear through His speaking to others. I really appreciate your marvelous insights! I can attest also to the unity that grows from our sharing! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. ~ Jon


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